Backpacks for Happy Days Out

picmonkey-collage  We are forever hunting new back packs in our house, the kids love them and they really do make for easy travelling. We have ones for school, ones for walking, ones for days out, ones for sticking laptops in for meetings in London days, one in the car in case we forget to take one away with us.

I spied these at Skate Hut and really loved the patterns, they are much more interesting than our very practical hiking style rucksacks we already have, but also waterproof in many cases too and very hardwearing. It’s hard to find a truly waterproof rucksack sometimes, I hate it when the kids’s books get soggy or our gear when we go for a long walk. So l especially love the neoprene (middle right).

For winter warmth and fun I love the fair isle (top middle) – I’ve just read The Outrun and awesome book about recovering on a Scottish Island and now I have a fascination with travelling to more Scottish Islands, we fell in love with Skye this year. The knitted chevrons (bottom middle) look really stylish too, the kind of back pack I could take instead of a shoulder bag, to a day of meetings. And if I take a shoulder bag on a family day out it always ends up full of random stuff which digs into my shoulder or ends up following me round in the bottom of my bag for weeks.

I can see my 10 yo loving the tiger and both of them loving the space back pack – they’ve been after one since they saw a girl on the walk to school with one. We asked her where she got it from while we were queuing at the traffic lights, but sadly she had bought it in a charity shop. So our quest went quiet for a bit. Younger kids might fancy the bright and colourful buses or the ladybirds, but I think they’d be equally great for big kids too.

What’s in the family backpack?

For days out we like to take: snacks and drinks – or at least a water bottle we can refill, a tiny first aid kit has come in handy on numerous occasions, or at least a few plasters, travel wipes and tissues, money, sunnies, sweets for long walk bribing, a little bouncy ball because you never know when it might come in handy for a quick game to kill time while waiting, or that magic distraction when the kids have reached saturation point in a queue, a hairband because they are always handy.

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