Overcoming fear of the deep with a Kayak Safari at Mark Warner Levante Resort

Levante Beach Resort, Mark Warner Holidays - Taking a Kayak Safari

For years I’ve had this fear of water deep water, especially jumping into deep water. It’s silly, it’s irrational, it stops me enjoying activities. I’m sure lots of people have the same fear, it is very common. Bizarrely the thing that helped me through it was having kids, I guess once you’ve been through childbirth you can do anything, but it’s more than that.

When you have children you have to be that bit braver, you realise your silly fears will be transferred to them if you’re not careful. But it’s even more than that, children aren’t born afraid and watching them gives me the confidence to overcome irrational fears.

On our Kayak Safari with Mark Warner holidays at Levante Beach resort in Rhodes I did something I had refused to do for years. I jumped into open water from a kayak, without being able to see the bottom. I admit I might have let my 10 year old go first, just to check it was safe. Only joking, our experienced guides had already done that for us, but seeing her unperturbed and excited to make the leap made me realise how silly my own fear was.

Levante Beach Resort, Mark Warner Holidays - Taking a Kayak Safari

The best bit was afterwards the staff told us that Greek fisherman used dynamite many years ago to stun and kill the fish. Unfortunately this is not only killed the fish, it scared them off for good. So I needn’t have been afraid of things brushing past my ankles – there are none.  So if you’re looking for a place to get brave in the water, I can recommend Levante. You can try all sorts of watersports with Mark Warner in warm, very shallow and safe waters, with plenty of expert staff on hand to guide you. Kids can also learn through the high quality childcare designed to give Mums and Dads a break too.

Do you check out the go pro footage to see me and my daughter snorkelling, no fish here but there are other trips with fish! This trip was about getting on the water and escaping to a traditional Greek cafe with beautiful blue tables and chairs on the rocks overlooking the sea. I could watch those white tablecloths blowing in the gentle breeze and feel like I’m back there in a breath. Does anyone else feel like they really need a holiday right now? I am done with grey soupy January skies.


Later that year, on a press trip to Turkey I jumped off a boat four times, into progressively deeper water, further out of the stunning bays around Fethiye. It’s a wonderful thing to overcome a fear. I would definitely try sailing next, or kayaking in the UK. You can see my other irrational fear and me conquering a fear of birds here in this post on the Farne Islands.

Do you have irrational fears?

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Levante Beach Resort, Mark Warner Holidays - Taking a Kayak Safari



  1. 26/01/2017 / 6:32 pm

    Thank you, Penny, for this lovely post. The video is very cool to watch. Loved this article:)

    • Penny Alexander
      26/01/2017 / 7:23 pm

      Aw thanks Sarah, that makes me very happy 🙂

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