Little Legacy #1 the universe


We are standing in the backyard ofour new home, mother and daughter.  I am seven.  It is March, a stillcalm night.  Mum wraps her arms round me, I am still small enough tosnuggle into the cave she makes me under her chin and between her arms.Together we look past the other yards, the trees and the hills to the stars. She points out constellations, Orion’s belt and the Plough.  

As I stare out into a sky of stars I feel safe inher arms and in awe of the world out there. My worries about movinghouse, town and school fade against the backdrop of the universe. 

Now, when I am far from home, I try to look for the Plough and Orion’s belt.  When I need some perspective, I look at the stars and feel my stresses shrink a little by comparison.

little legacy A small thing handed down by a predecessor

Little legacy is a remembranceproject, a positive and creative place,to celebrate small things handed down by predecessors. I am going to post one every Thursday. If you want to join in at anypoint, either as a project or a one off, there’s a linky below and moreinformation here.  


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