Little Legacy #7 Magic Sleep Solution

Last night my 4yo daughter couldn’t sleep, she was hot and over excited from the day still.  Tears fell down her scrunched up face.  ‘I can’t get to sleep Mummy’ she wailed.  But the minute she heard the first words from the relaxation exercise my mum taught me, the muscles in her face relaxed, and a peaceful smile crept across her face.

It’s magic, try it out sometime.  
(In your calmest, most soothing voice, because this magic means you will be cracking open the wine in under 5 minutes…)
Breathe in, breathe out

Breathe in 1,2, breathe out 1,2
Breathe in 123, breathe out 123
Breathe in 1234, breathe out 1234

Breathe in and scrunch your toes.  Breathe out let them go.
Breathe in and scrunch your legs.  Breathe out let them go.
And so you work your way up the body scrunching and relaxing. The older the child, the more you can break down the body parts.   Sometimes it takes two attempts, but more often than not, I find she’s drifted off by the time she has scrunched and relaxed her forehead.

What do you do to calm your children at bedtime?  Did you learn some magic tricks for soothing fraught children from your relations?  Do share.

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