People Power Little Legacy 31

Mum supported CND and so I sported a rather fine collection of CND badges in my childhood.  You can just about see the Nuclear Power No Thanks and Give Peace a Chance badges in the photo above.  I’m crying because I have had such a good time at Chester Folk Festival and I don’t want to go home.  Mum took the photo because I had just had my face painted (or more likely because she wanted to distract me/immortalise my whinings for a lifetime and inspire me to write a blog post on it 25 years later).

I think the grown up me often feels a bit like she would like to pack her rucksack and go and live at a festival.  This week in particular I would very much like to go and live at a festival. Alright, maybe ‘live’ is hyperbole, I would of course miss clean toilets, the shower, my bed, my laptop and be crying for them back after 48 hours, but you get the metaphor.

Then ecotricity sent me this video,  It’s time to dump the big six. It’s had 2 million hits on You Tube.  The campaign argues it’s time we demanded a bit more from our energy companies, and reminds us we need to stop depending on fossil fuels. Ecotricity have got a rather cool facebook campaign where you can go public on dumping one of the big six.   They now have more facebook followers than any other energy supplier, shows how important people power is.  I think I’ve done a few little things to make mum proud today.  Power to the people.

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