Boosting children’s memory and language using photobooks

At this time of year my head always turns to the exploding files of pictures on my laptop. A while back I decided to embrace being part of the digital generation and to stop worrying about them. My kids as grown ups would only ever want to see so many pictures of themselves as kids, so if I lost a few hundred along the way no problem, representative bits were printed out, framed or on the blog.

But I promised myself I would still make some photo books online. Just one at the end of each year. I’d only ever got as far as Miss L being six months, I feared they would be leaving home before I made another one.

As always the kick start came from an unexpected place. Mr G and I were playing Lego at the kitchen table, he kept saying the figures were dead and then he sat there very calmly and said ‘My Grandma died.’ It was the first time he had ever mentioned it.

I knew the day would come when I would have to go through this with him, as he was only two when she died. To start with I showed him a photo of Mum and we talked about her a little. Later on I sat down at my computer and put together and ordered both children photobooks online with all the pictures of each of them and my Mum together.

It made me realise how magic photobooks are for children partly because they are so much like books and so add a storytelling dimension to exploring memories. Of course now I want to make some more, of holidays and places we have visited. Make sure I do a yearly album at least.

One thing I really want to help Mr G develop this year is his language, and talking about our memories is a great way to engage him in doing that. It also helps to make childhood memories more concrete in children’s minds, so that they can confidently tell family stories. That is a lovely thought I think.

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