The garden pond project

As we fell asleep in the tent last weekend Miss L demanded stories. Having forgotten to pack books, I began to patch together some stories from my childhood. Out popped the frogs.

I must have been 6 or 7, at the bottom of the cul de sac at the end of our road was a small park. It being the 80s, we were allowed to go down there as long as we were in a gang. I remember arriving to find the thick grass around the park alive with tiny frogs.

We couldn’t believe it, before I knew it I had uttered the words I have a pond. Of course it wasn’t a real pond, it was one I had dug out of the tiny patch of land my dad gave me to do as I pleased with at the end of the garden. I had dug a hole, filled it with a bin bag and weighed the edges down with stones. I’d filled it with tap water and it was now waiting for pond life to move in.

Before I knew it an army of kids was collecting tiny frogs to put in buckets for my pond. I have never seen so many frogs, each one no bigger than a one pence piece. We gathered buckets and marched to my hoiuse, we were through the garage and out the back door before anyone could stop us, we filled up the pond with buckets of frogs, and lots of grass. Until Dad came out and told us to stop, we had enough frogs.

Some of the frogs stayed a few days, but the majority hopped off. I guarded them closely, but it didn’t help that the toddler next door liked to aim stones at the pond over the fence.

So there it was, something from my childhood I wanted my kids to have too. A little froggy pond legacy.

Last year my Dad talked of putting a pond in our garden for us. Then we thought we were moving, so the project was forgotten. Now we’re staying put, it is something I would like to return to. Pond dipping holds unbelievable allure to the kids and I like the idea of inviting more nature into the garden. They fell in love with dipping in the pond in my friend P’s garden.

I had a little look around t’internet and found some ideas. It is doable project in weekend apparently.  It was exciting to see that the basic principle is just a bigger version of what I did when I was little: dig a hole, add a liner and hold down with stones and pins.

I read that flowing water is soothing, which really appeals. Watch this space.

Bradshaws Direct have a whole host of features for ponds, including filters, oase pond pumps and even fountains and waterfalls.

Do you have a pond or have you dug a pond? Any tips?

Picture credit Chris Coomber on flickr

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