Garden: A Retrospective

I was reading Jen’s blog, Love Chic Living, her garden makeover post really inspired me to look back over our garden. Digging our patch meant a lot to me, I was really finding things a challenge at the time, and taking on another project that could so easily fail was a bit of a risk. Dad suggested I wait til the kids were both in school, Mr A kept insisting I check for slugs. Nobody wanted me to be disappointed.

We started by digging and shaping the patch…and making a scarecrow

We watered and tended to the scarecrow’s fashion whims…things started to grow

Then things went wild, we munched through a huge bucket of peas in the pod during the first week of the summer holidays. That took me right back to my own childhood.

The expensive wild flower seeds I bought didn’t grow, but the packet my Dad gave us in a soon to be launched kit from Kew Gardens were magnificent, although I didn’t catch them at their best here. I think Dad got to test them as an RSPB volunteer, I will have to blog about it for next year.

We went from tiny shoots, which we watered and watched and waited for…

Then came back from holiday to find a sunflower taller than the kids. ‘I grew that!’ pronounced G proudly. You can’t beat that feeling.

I hoped we’d get lucky, but empty soil is daunting.

But I needn’t have worried…the old boat shaped sandpit was soon a riot of colour.

The broccoli failed, but it became a butterfly maternity wing and a caterpillar nursery.  I have never seen so many beautiful creatures in the garden. As my Dad reminded me, our garden plan was always about the wildlife as much as the plants.

The carrots were small, but the kids couldn’t wait any longer to rip them out of the ground, there are lots more to come. We ate them in a pasta bake with chick peas, feta and olives..

It was a lovely surprise to come back from holiday to find the tomato plant I had given up on hadn’t given up on me. I’ve eaten the first one and it tasted amazing. My Grandad would be pleased.

Just keeping my fingers crossed for the potatoes now. I know Dad is going to say I didn’t water them enough, after a great start it was a really hectic summer and we were away lots. But hey, I think the risk I took was well worth it, don’t you?

How did your garden grow?


I'd love to know your thoughts!