What’s your favourite childhood memory? #REBUILD

Me and my brother, my children

Mine has to be collapsing in a fit of giggles with my brother in a Danish supermarket over a packet of biscuits named BUMS! I’ve always been close to my brother and it was amazing when life replicated the same birth order and age gap in my children. When I watch my kids plotting things together it takes me right back to my childhood.

My brother and I still find ourselves falling apart with laughter over the most inappropriate things. People often ask me what the secret to us remaining close over all the years is. I’ve no idea. I think the shared experience of holidays, day trips and adventures really helped though. We were lucky to have parents who were able to help us see the world, to have adventures and experience new cultures and to have the time and space to simply enjoy our childhood together.

This week we got a letter from Luqman, the boy we sponsor through Action Aid. His life is different, but throughout his letter is so much evidence of the positives sponsorship brings to his community. Sponsoring a child through ActionAid is about helping their whole community.

Action Aid recruited some special people to highlight how important happy childhood memories are. This triggered some great ones for me.

Sarah Alexander visited Sierra Leonne, this video shows how children in conflict countries are still so in need, even 11 years on from the conflict.

I saw very similar scenes when I visited Ghana, but Ghana is a stable country by comparison, the thought of what children have seen in Sierra Leonne, and since experienced, makes me really wonder about their childhood memories. Little things make a huge difference though, windows of play opportunities, a bottle of bubbles goes a long way to creating happier memories.

I’m joining ActionAid in kicking off their #REBUILD campaign. You can help:

  • Please share this post wherever you can, on Twitter using the hashtag #rebuild.
  • Write a post or a status update about your childhood memories #REBUILD
  • Please consider ActionAid child sponsorship, if you can, £4 a week can make a real difference to another community. We’ve found it opens up a whole world to our children too.

I'd love to know your thoughts!