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Be afraid, be very afraid #teamhonkrelay #Nottingham

team honk test cycle nottsI have guest post from my friend Sarah today. We are doing the 50K Nottingham #teamhonkrelay cycle together for Sport Relief. Sarah and I met at a post natal group after Miss L and Legoboy were born. Whereas I love the bigger picture, ‘Let’s cycle 50 k for Sport Relief’, fortunately Sarah specialises in planning in detail.

This relay couldn’t happen without people like Sarah, happy to take the big picture and turn it into reality. Over the last few weekends she has been planning our route and posting scary pictures on facebook like this one:

team honk nottingham mud

Mud mud glorious mud

Over to Sarah

Today was the start of my training for the Team Honk relay, so I headed off with friend Hamish for a cycle up the Grantham Canal. I have lived in Nottingham for 13 years now and never realised how far you can go on the canal – all the way to Grantham!

I have done a very small section out to Bassingfield in the past when my son was still small enough to be on the back seat carrier. I was looking forward to a bit if exploring. Today was a good day for a ride, sunny with light winds. We headed off up towards Cotgrave on the first leg.

The canal paths are all surfaced but there were some large puddles from the recent heavy rain and we were soon sprayed from head to toe in mud. I wonder how we would get through one section if it was iced over. Let’s hope here is no cold snap till after 25th Feb!

The canal path through Cotgrave Country park is well used by walkers, joggers and dog walkers but everyone was friendly and we exchanged lots of cheery ‘hellos’. Under the A46 and then the canal is disused and the path became single track. It’s sad to see the overgrown waterway. I started to appreciate the efforts of the Grantham canal restoration projects to bring back the canals to navigable status.

We cycled as far as Kinoulton, after a detour to investigate a bridle way off the route for future rides. Kinoulton was the turning point for the ride back via Cotgrave. Over confident I took us the wrong way towards the A46 – and made us climb a hill unnecessarily!

Bad luck 5 minutes later with a flat tyre, but that is why us cyclists always carry spare inner tubes. Hamish the Knight in Shining Armour (why is he still single?) fixed the tyre while I scoffed my remaining snack bar. You need to keep your energy up but every stop means getting cold very quickly.

team honk test cyble puncture notts

Please can Hamish cycle with us Sarah?

The final grind home seemed never ending but we both enjoyed triggering the speed tramadol online camera on the way into Cotgrave – Hamish at 35mph. There was a headwind as I struggled back into West Bridgford with muddy feet like ice blocks.

teamhonk test cycle notts 2

Sarah at the end of a very small section of our route, with ice block feet.

A hot shower, a big mug of tea and a fry up and all was well. I am now researching a good pub stop on route for the 25th Feb. I think hot soup may be required!

Thank you Sarah for a fab account of a small section of our route, gulp!

We will be joined on the day by Donna, another amazing person making this relay actually happen by recruiting more and more people to our team and getting the press involved. Here we are with Jenny and Hannah who I met up with in Bingham yesterday for a photograph for the Bingham Advertiser. The twist is we are cycling all this way dressed as Robin Hood and his Merry Men thanks to joke.co.uk fancy dress outfitters. Don’t we look hot?


Penny, Jenny, Hannah and Donna, thanks to Shaun of the Bingham Advertiser for taking this on my camera

I can’t wait to rob from the rich to pay the poor, but I am in denial about the 50k. I cycled 10 mins to the cafe yesterday and I have a sore bum this morning. I might be an okay runner but I need to do some serious cycle training.

How can you help? Easy! Any sponsorship will make the world of difference to our morale, and to the lives of some of the world’s most disadvantaged.

• £1 could provide a hot meal for a child in the UK living in extreme poverty.
• £5 could pay for a mosquito net to protect a mother and her baby in Africa from contracting malaria while they sleep.
• £10 could enable an older person in the UK who just lost someone they love to attend a group activity.
• £25 could run a sports session for disabled children in the UK, giving them the chance to play with other young people.
• £100 could feed 200 children living on the streets in India for one day.
• £300 could provide a water point in the slums of Tanzania, giving hundreds of families access to safe, clean water.
• £500 (our team target) could provide six months of support for a young person in the UK with mental health issues.

Our sponsorship page is here
Get involved
If you want to get involved in Sport Relief there are official events all around the UK –  from a family one mile to a 50 mile cycle there is something for everyone.
It is so easy to get your child’s school or nursery on board too, here’s how.


  1. 29/01/2014 / 12:27 pm

    You guys are amazing! Have you found a good pub stop yet?

    • Sarah
      29/01/2014 / 3:28 pm

      There is a great pub at Hickling that I checked out called the ‘Plough Inn’ but my fear is that is we actually stop cycling we will never start again! The warmth of a cosy pub will be too tempting.

  2. 29/01/2014 / 12:31 pm

    I think you all look awesome! I wish I had someone that could organise like you can Sarah!
    Good luck to you all x

  3. 29/01/2014 / 2:10 pm

    Thank God and hooray for Sarah! Thank you for all your hard work planning our route and testing it out in the miserable weather Nottingham has had lately. Can’t wait to do the cycle with you. I have noticed that my cycling helmet in the picture above suggests I have already had a drink or two. I can assure you I haven’t, but I intend to at the end of the 50km and I’ll be buying a very big drink for both you and Sarah, Penny 🙂

  4. How brilliant to have a true organizer. Ours was Maddie from Gammon & Chips – they make it pure fun for the rest of us (give or take the odd 50k cycle obvs). Good luck – you’ll be brilliant X

  5. domestic goddesque
    29/01/2014 / 4:40 pm

    HOW far??? I have no doubt that you will triumph because you are doing it for an amazing cause and you have never ever failed at anything you set your mind to. I envy that about you because, 50? That freaks me out!

  6. Kirsty
    29/01/2014 / 4:46 pm

    I hope it warms up before your leg but if it doesn’t at least will keep your bum numb so you won’t feel the pain until the end. We will be with you all the way xxx

  7. 29/01/2014 / 8:00 pm

    Such an amazing cause! such an amazing lady! well done you! well done!

  8. 30/01/2014 / 10:31 pm

    you’ll kick butt on the 50k! Last huge ride for charity I pulled off was with no training!

    Your awesome!

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