My first Expresso

Old blackboard with clipping path

I had my first expresso aged 36 in Italy with my Dad. The kids were tiring of sighseeing, no one knew any Italian and we needed a pick me up, so I decided to keep in simple and order whatever Dad had. It did the trick and there was something really enticing about a short, sugary shot of coffee. Not a whole cup, which I can find too much, but just a taste. A kickstart. A burst of flavour.

My coffee habit is so new, I haven’t really had chance to build a ritual. But I am always taken to that moment in Bologna, and I would like to recreate it at home. To stir a sugar into a little cup of coffee and just drift off from work or the kids for a little while. To return recharged and raring to go again. I did this week.

The Italian family coffee company Caffe Cagliari sent me everything I needed to make my own expresso, it was a very cute and stylish package.


I got my coffee moment, the kids have had endless moments playing cafes and making their own bambinochinos with the expresso cups, sugar and biscuits. A wonderful slice of Italy.

Caffe Cagliari have been supplying the catering industry since 1909, they now do four types of Expresso capsules compatible with Nespresso machines, including decaffeinated, for you to enjoy at home.


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