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Knowing your breed: creating a diet that is suitable for your dog


It took a while to find the right food for our dog!

Comissioned guest post

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. They can be giant or tiny, long or short-haired, squat or tall, with all sorts of other variances between breeds. Furthermore, the differences are more than just aesthetic. Different breeds of dog have different lifespans, health concerns and demeanours, and require owners to take a variety of approaches to look after them.

One of the most important of these is diet. A common misconception among dog owners is that one type of food is suitable for all breeds. This means a Great Dane and a Chihuahua will be fed the exact same diet, with the only variation being the portion sizes.

However, Great Danes and Chihuahuas have hugely different nutritional needs, as do many other kinds of dog. For example, Great Danes need a much higher concentration of energy than the smaller dogs. They also need food that supports healthy joints, as the larger size and weight of the dog means more stress is put on their legs.

This means that the standard practice of feeding all dogs the same type of food simply will not work. It will lead to certain breeds going without the specific nutritional elements they need in their diet, which is not good for their long-term health. Dogs need to be fed a unique diet based on their breed.

This can be difficult for pet owners, especially if they look after more than one breed of dog. Formulating a diet can be tricky, as it may require introducing different supplements into your dog’s food. However, there are brands that can do the hard work for you.

Royal Canin is a dog food brand that prides itself on producing high-quality products that are specially formulated for the nutritional needs of different breeds. The company understands that dogs have a wide variety of dietary requirements, and therefore produces food to make owners’ lives much easier.

The company’s French Bulldog food, for example, has a high protein content along with l-carnitine, which combined helps the dog to maintain its muscle mass. Royal Canin’s poodle food, on the other hand, contains the omega 3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA) and borage oil that the breed needs to keep its wooly coat healthy.

This is not simply a matter of ensuring that each breed’s nutritional requirements are looked after, although that is certainly a large aspect of Royal Canin’s food. It also looks at other elements that differ between breeds, right down to the size of their jaws.

Larger dogs, with their big jaws, need a differently-shaped kibble to encourage them to chew and take their time eating, rather than wolfing down a bowl of food in one. Small breeds, on the other hand, need a kibble that can be comfortably eaten with a smaller jaw.

This ensures your dog is given the food that its breed requires to stay as healthy as possible. If you switch to a brand of dog food specific to your pet’s breed, you may notice all kinds of positive changes to their health, which in turn can impact their mood. Your dog may end up being a lot happier with a simple change of diet.


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