Paper Flowers

I love these, I think they are a beautiful gift from child to parent or relative or maybe even a teacher. They are also perfect for those situations when real flowers aren’t appropriate, when someone is in hospital, or is too sick or stressed to deal with flowers. I am always hesitant to send flowers when someone has died, it just seems like one more reminder of the cruelty of death, I think these are a lovely alternative gesture.

My daughter doesn’t like reading much, I think that surprised me, loving words as I do, but when it comes to imagining things in 3D she’s gifted, not surprising really, with a video games developer for a father. She made these flowers recently, one look at the peace lily on the kitchen table and she knew exactly what she wanted to achieve and how to do it.

No one was to help, other than to do the menial tasks like painting when she got bored, or sticking them together when it proved fiddly, or well assembling them when it was clear after her first one worked, that repeating the process was beneath her.

You get the picture, she has the vision, sets the wheels in motion and mum gets to be the artist’s assistant. She’s always been like that, and I love to watch it unfold.

She had it all planned out, right down to the pollen on the stamen, and while all her painted components dried she made a vase out of paper too (with a cut down milk carton inside for support).

They look lovely on the mantelpiece.


Younger children can have just as much fun twisting circles of tissue paper (try Baker Ross for these) and feeding them into straws which you secure with a bit of sellotape – or green tape could look nice too. My daughter finished by tying the bouquet together with string, ribbon would be pretty too. She’s used blue tissue to represent the water.

I think she should give them to her teacher as a thank you present for really inspiring her to develop her art skills this year.


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