A day out at Clumber Park

We met at the first night at University,  J is part of a group of amazing women with whom I remain friends to this day.  We ran away to Brighton in the second year and lived in bedsits in Kemptown and worked as chambermaids at The Grand hotel. People mixed us up so much we started wearing each other’s name badges.

We graduated, we worked, we partied, we visited each other around the world, we both headed back to the North, met men from our hometowns we’d known since we were teenagers. Both love guitars and video games. We had kids, I gained a dog. Life has been busy.

But, we met halfway in Clumber Park to explore and play this month.  J’s oldest and my youngest took the leaflets and led the way.

We ran over logs

Played in dens and built new ones.

I remembered what having a little baby was like, its lovely to see your friends in the midst of it.

We found a tree stump with coins knocked into it.

L tried to knock one in, G tried to pull one out, F took over the map reading.

We spied a chaise longue in the tree, here is why it is here.

All over the park are amazing places to play and hide, and acres of perfect picnic spots, tree lined roads and wilderness.

We played in the walled play area and in the courtyard, we ate ice cream and wished we had more time to buy some plants.

L remembered what it is like to be a baby

You can’t beat the friends who’ve been with you since you were a teen, I can’t wait to catch up with the rest of the girls from Hull this Summer. Look at this gorgeous pair.

Lots of people on Facebook have since told me they love Clumber Park too, Kate even used to call it Clumsy Park, I love that. Have you got a favourite NT place? Or a friend you’ve grown up with?


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