Pumpkin and Feta Pie (no pastry)

When I left you last week I was here…


Okay so not physically there, but mentally. I was reliving all that amazing food we ate at Corfu Club, eating pumpkin and feta pie, Greek salad and Briam. I even fitted in a little garden tour, because all the food is home cooked.

The team at Corfu Club were so welcoming, when they are not serving the drinks and amazing food, they are cooking, BBQing and mixing cocktails. Nik cooked this pumpkin pie and wrote down the recipe for me.

Corfu Club Aparthotel bar

I promised a recipe, and well I think I have perfected it enough to share. I love this pie, because it has no pastry, yet it kind of forms a crust. It’s easy, clever and ever so tasty.

Corfu Club Aparthotel Pumpkin or Courgette Pie with no crust

Pumpkin and Feta Pie (No pastry)


Corfu Club Aparthotel Pumpkin or Courgette Pie with no crust ingredients




I used a 200ml water glass for this recipe and packed the pumpkin and feta and herbs in very generously.

3 glasses of grated pumpkin/marrow/courgette (I used the beast above, plus a courgette)

2 glasses of crumbled feta (two supermarket size blocks of feta)

4 eggs

large handful of chopped parsley

large handful of chopped dill

Half a glass of oil

1 glass of self raising flour

1 glass of milk

salt and pepper



Mix all the ingredients in a bowl

Grease a dish (roasting dish or baking tray size) and dust with flour

Pour in the mix

Bake 170-180 degrees, Gas 4 for 30-40 minutes until the top is golden and it has set. Depending on the dimensions of the pan you use this might be slightly longer, or less.

There you are Pumpkin and Feta pie! I am going to use up some courgettes and keep this recipe going through winter with squash and pumpkins.

Corfu Club Aparthotel Pumpkin or Courgette Pie with no crust



  1. 17/09/2014 / 7:46 am

    Mmm lovely, being gluten-free loved what I call naked quiches! But never mixed flour into must try with gluten-free flour, yum!

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