My #60secondupdate 7th January 2014

Screenshot 2015-01-07 14.08.51

I loved doing an update in 60 seconds so much yesterday, I thought I would do another. Betfair were looking for sport’s widows to reward, so I waved my hands madly, and leapt in the air, crying pick me!

Do you ever feel like sport is taking over? I’m not a conventional sport widow, my problem is Mr A is busy making virtual sport in another part of the UK (he is a video games developer) and I am left with the kids and lots of work, perhaps I needed to vent, perhaps I needed to talk, perhaps I am just procrastinating from cleaning the kitchen, perhaps sticking a box on my head like my 6yo was just too tempting.

Being a sport widow is tiring, and a shock to the system after having two hands on deck last year. I am already drastically rethinking my week and workload. It feels like time for tea and trashy TV before the 3.30pm onslaught begins – I honestly haven’t felt that urge since final exams in the third year of Uni. Although it has been a really fun week and being in sole charge of the kids again has made us closer. We made this video together for L’s homework last night, between casualty, tennis and bedtime!

Thanks to Betfair who sent me this gorgeous pamper parcel, you can find out more about the full contents here.

And don’t worry, I am not going to do a 60 second update every day…


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