Mr A’s Baked Camembert recipe


It’s smiling at you right?

This weekend I was feeling glum, we’d just come back from an amazing week in a thatched barn we rented for Dad’s 70th in Kent. I loved that space, I think I was born to live in a barn. Coming home to our house, which is in a state of chaos due to the decorating we have going on, was depressing.

So Mr A made baked camembert to cheer me up in the camembert baker I gave him for Christmas (something to buy the man who has everything). This is a dish we love to share when we eat out, and we love to cook this, or fondu for for friends – it is so easy and guaranteed to impress. There is nothing better than digging into hot melty cheese when the world seems overwhelming and sharing it with friends or loved ones adds to that feeling.

After that we started to slowly tidy, and before we knew it I was in the cupboard under the stairs clearing out three bin bags of junk, recycling and charity shop goods. Project reclaim the kitchen is happening.

Here’s the Baked Camembert recipe Mr A uses:

Serves two greedy adults.

Ingredients – one 250g camembert, 1-2 cloves of garlic (most recipes say one, we like two), sprigs of thyme or rosemary tips

1. Preheat your oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6

2. Take off the plastic film and place the camembert back in to its box or into a camembert baker.

3. Make slits in the top using a sharp knife.

4. Slice up cloves of garlic and place them in the holes, do the same with sprigs of thyme or rosemary tips.

Drizzle with olive oil.

Some recipes said ten minutes, but Mr A said it took 20 – probably best to check after 10 and pop back in if it needs it.

Serve with crusty baguette or even garlic bread and masses of salad to alleviate guilt. For a dinner party just make more, or buy a giant camembert.


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