Puppets, shoe boxes and Pingu – our rainy crafty day

baker ross pin people

Days at Grandad’s house. Snuggling under blankets watching Pingu giggling, finding an old shoe box and opening your imagination, tinkling on the piano, discovering a box of old teddies the grown ups in the house had forgotten….

Our summer has been busy, travelling and getting outdoors has been amazing, but I can’t believe we haven’t had time for a crafty day yet. Until yesterday. Torrential rain and a visit to Dad’s, where my brother, his wife and son were also staying. 

You can’t beat getting cousins together. My nephew B is 3 now – where did those three years go? – and has so much to say. There aren’t that many toys at Dad’s – some teddies, our old Lego,  so the kids always come up with more creative ways to play. 

When we arrived this old shoe box was covered in tinfoil. First a treasure box, then a car garage, next it became a hat which my nephew wore while we all tried to score tinfoil ball goals. My nephew kept tipping his hat to pour them out again, to much hilarity. I LOVE this age.

Then it became a puppet theatre. Pair of cuties.


L used the Pop Up Puppets Kit from Baker Ross to do the characters, although without the pop up bits which B discarded. I love the way L coloured them to look like her and B. 

L did a show for B and then they had so many giggles presenting their show together.


Sadly Mr G was asleep on the sofa with a temperature, but he seems back on form today. 

The perfect rainy day of simple pleasures.

We’ve enjoyed the split pin people kits you see above too. L has stuck hers on her summer notebook. We had such good intentions for filling these with daily updates, but to be honest they haven’t happened yet – maybe next week – she does have an extensive birthday party plan in it though  😉 

Hope you are having a lovely summer.


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