Travelling Feathered Friends: Amazing bird migration

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Dad and I spent Friday in the garden weeding and sorting out bird feeders. Dad is a volunteer with his local branch of the RSPB and spends lots of time working for the good of birds. Listening to him always inspires me. Here he is trying to solve the mystery of a headless owl for L and my brother on Dungeness Beach.

Dungeness, Kent-12

I like to think of birds as little guests, travellers from afar who pop in. I always wonder where they are landing from. It saddens me to think populations are dwindling and species are being lost.

It’s a myth that birds only need feeding in Winter, as food shortages can happen at any time, so absolutely anytime is a good time to start feeding the birds.

Vine House Farm offer a wide range of high quality wild bird food, bird feeders and accessories and supply you direct from their farm. They grow as much of their own bird seed as possible, and every sale supports the vital work of The Wildlife Trusts. They have already donated a million pounds to The Wildlife Trust as well as feeding millions of birds.

They have a handy guide to feeding wild birds and attracting them into your garden.

I also found this interactive bird migration map Vine House Farm have produced, showing when and where different birds migrate to fascinating, as my kids are always asking, and although my Dad probably knows, I feel like I should understand where our garden visitors have travelled from too. Click on the different birds to see where they travel!

Do you feed the birds?

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  1. Becky
    30/09/2015 / 7:50 am

    w do feed the birds not with much knowledge thogh we just chuck a bit or bird seed out there!

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