Rate the Date: Showcase Cinema De Lux and The Martian

Showcase Cinema De Lux

Everyone was a winner on this date at Showcase Cinema De Lux in Nottingham. Mr A loves space, I love Matt Damon, but more importantly we both loved the Cinema de Lux experience. And jokes about loving Matt Damon aside, we both loved having some time together, now that we have found a new and really fabulous babysitter.

The Martian was a brilliant film to see in 3D, with Dolby Atmos sound and with the slightly suspended in space feeling that lying in the newly installed luxury reclining seats gives you. The luxury recliners are so comfortable and spacious, the sound incredibly lifelike, all consuming and immersive, and combine with the 3D visuals to make this the Showcase Cinema De Lux the ultimate in cinema experiences.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have what I call ‘film induced narcolepsy’, so Mr A was fully expecting that after two glasses of celebratory Prosecco, once seated in a luxury recliner I would be snoring away before the trailers finished. Not this time. The whole experience was such an awesome sensory experience that I was wide awake throughout.

cinema de lux luxury recliners nottingham showcase

The seats recline and the foot supports come up, so this really is like lazing at home watching a movie, except the picture and sound quality completely blow home systems away.

Nottingham was the first cinema multiplex in the UK so it makes sense to see the Showcase Cinema De Lux brand here. The whole multiplex has been fitted out with these seats and sound system, at no extra cost to the cinema goer.  Showcase are developing the Cinema de Lux brand across the UK, Reading and Leeds are next.

I used to teach Media and Film –  I love film, but until now I hadn’t really been that bothered about the cinema, it’s generally something we do now and again with the kids. But it was incredible to see a grown up film in this setting – such a cool experience. Although as soon as the kids heard where we had been they wanted to go too, so on Saturday night we went back to see Hotel Transylvania 2, these are display seats in the foyer:

Showcase Cinema de Lux Luxury Recliners

The Martian

I thought The Martian was going to be depressing, being stuck on Mars sounds scary and lonely, but via Matt Damon, the film succeeds in bringing lots of humour, adventure and inventiveness to what could have been a really bleak and terrifying two hours. Great date night film.



Rate the Date

Cinema de Lux Showcase Nottiingham



Ms A says: Processo, canapes, an awesome film, Matt Damon, Mr A, reclining seats and a fully immersive de lux cinema experience. Slightly grumpy Mr A because I lost his driving licence earlier in the day, but the date helped me get some much needed brownie points back. I was told Matt Damon’s bum was in the film, but it clearly was a body double, still it is 10/10 for the Cinema De Lux concept – first time I stayed awake through a whole film in a long time!

Mr A says:

A very relaxing experience with the new seats, excellent company (that actually stayed awake for the whole film!) and the film was top notch too. 9/10


Next date planned already, we will be heading to Harts restaurant in Nottingham.


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