Holiday Extras: How to get the best deals on Airport Parking

How to get the best deals on your Holiday Extras like Airport Parking

Let’s face it, the extra bits you have to organise around a holiday – airport hotels, parking, insurance and hire cars aren’t the fun bit – I say that but kids always seem to have fun wherever they are, especially when they know they are going on holiday, this was taken seconds before the bus driver asked her to sit down in a seat. You know what I mean though, as a grown up it can be a headache to sort out beforehand. So why not take the hassle out?

We started our recent trip to Scotland off really smoothly thanks to airport parking organised by concierge service Holiday Extras, who can also organise holiday insurance, hire cars, airport hotels and lounges. There is something really reassuring about jumping in your own car to the airport and having it waiting for you on your return, it also makes life easier with kids and car seats.

Airport hotel and car parking can be a minefield, so having someone simplify all the phaffy stuff for you is great. Holiday Extras bring up a list of quote comparisons for you based on exactly when you want to park. No need to search through lots of parking companies. You can even do it over the phone if you prefer to talk to a real person.

You can then quickly compare the costs, the distance of each option to the airport, whether a transfer is involved and included in the price and whether it is worth the little bit extra for meet and greet. We opted for Jet parks 2 as it was the best value deal and our kids are older and so a transfer bus is no hassle.

You enter your dates, airport and destination online, then the system brings up the flights on that day likely to be yours for you to select, and then even recommends an arrival time.

We were sent a booking email with directions to the car park and instructions on how to proceed at the barrier.

On arrival on the day, as if by magic the car number plate was scanned and the barrier raised.

From there it was a short ride in a bus to the terminal.

How to get the best deals on your Holiday Extras like Airport Parking

On our return from Scotland we hopped back on the bus, back to our car which was waiting safely for us and off we went.

Airport Parking offers a choice of airport parking, including Meet and Greet parking, at most UK airports . To book Meet and Greet parking at East Midlands Airport from £55 for eight days; visit or call 0800 1313 777.



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