Bring on the Festivalling!


That’s me, at Chester Folk Festival, aged about 7 or 8. Today, my kids break up for the summer and it feels like an appropriate day to nurture my inner child. I’m disappointed about a plan for summer that hasn’t come off and today of all days. But do you know what, it’s good to get some perspective in these situations, I feel so lucky, I have two amazing kids about to break up from school and I can’t wait to spend some time with them.

Today when Mr G walks out the gate I will have seen my two through their days at infant school and when they go back G will join L at the Junior school. It’s an emotional and a proud day, I will make him look back at the school as we leave, just like my Mum did when I left schools to move on.

A long and lovely summer stretches ahead and first on the agenda is….Camp Bestival! We’re so excited to be ambassadors for Camp Bestival for the fourth year running and to be working with Volvo this year, I can’t think of a better car for piling high with family camping gear.

I grew up with festivals, Towersey and Chester with family before finding my own way at Glastonbury and Reading, so it is so important to me that we have Camp Bestival in our lives. Sometimes I do a double take looking back at the photos, me at Chester could almost be L at Camp Bestival, although face painting has come on a long, long way since I was a kid…

Before I go and pick my two up, I will leave you with some pictures of a younger me and my family festivalling. The best little legacy a parent could give, and a lifetime of lovely memories. Tents, parades, face paint, music, picnics, flags, circus skills, peace and love.

Have an amazing summer whatever you get up to.










  1. Becky
    27/07/2016 / 2:58 pm

    Oh I just LOVE your photos. happy Summer penny!

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