Barn Owl Spotting

I’m over the moon this week, my Dad called me with two updates on the barn owl box we funded when Macclesfield RSPB had a crowdfunding appeal for bird boxes. It’s sited on a public SSSI (Site of Specific Scientific Interest) in my old hometown, so all news comes via my Dad.

Last year he spotted a tawny owl which was lovely, but as the box was specifically designed to host barn owls I was totally thrilled to hear a barn owl had finally moved in.

I was still smiling about this news when Dad called me again two days later to tell me there were now not one, but two barn owls in there. This makes me so happy!

I’m really hoping they get lots of good weather, peace and quiet and all the other conditions they need to produce some beautiful baby barn owls. I’m also hoping when it comes to the time to ring the owls, that I might just be able to come along and meet them. How exciting would that be? Well I think so anyway, I’m a bit obsessed with barn owls.

We had an incredible day helping to build and put up the owl box with the RSPB. Plus meeting a barn owl that had been rescued, at Pensthorpe in Norfolk, another amazing day out with kids.

The barn owl box is a really special thing to me; I will never forget watching barn owls in Norfolk with my parents when my daughter was a baby, they are so magical to watch, we got so close to them that holiday, so many times. Donating a box was a lovely way to honour my mum’s legacy, remember that trip, and support the amazing work my Dad does with his local branch of the RSPB.

Fingers crossed!


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