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Mr A and I reveal each other’s annoying travel habits

Mute anti snoring devices

Mr A only really snores when we travel, it’s strange, it must be down to sleeping differently I guess. You seem to notice it more in small spaces, like tents, or shepherd’s huts or motorhomes. And in public places like aeroplanes and trains it can be really rather embarrassing. Although I have also been known to do that thing where your head drops on a train and you wake up suddenly, head bobbing and dribble falling down your chin, and totally startle the whole carriage.

Mute got in touch to share a clever little anti snoring device designed to increase airflow through your nose.  After having a play with them, a few digs about snoring were slung about between Mr A and I, and we got onto talking about each other’s annoying travel habits. I’ve mentioned before we are a just a little bit different in our approaches to travel, and so in our nearly 20 years together we’ve compromised a fair bit, and learnt a lot from travelling together.

I also asked my fellow family travel bloggers, about their travelling gripes with their partners. They came up with loads I recognised:

  1. Not asking for directions, so that you end up completely lost, or in a dodgy location.
  2. Limiting packing to themselves, while you pack for yourself, the kids, the dog, and every eventuality.
  3. Forgetting to pack really important items.
  4. Being worse than the kids in terms of toilet stops needed on a car journey.
  5. Opting for the scenic route, all the time.
  6. Having to have a plan before going anywhere.
  7. Refusing to have a plan to go anywhere.

Do you recognise any of these?

We certainly do, so we decided to have it out, on video.

Who snores, who is the best packer and who is the most fun to travel with? Who packs, who flaps, who pays, who drives? Who takes the best photos? Why do we travel? Does travel help you stay in love after 19 years? All is revealed in the video.


Do you have a snorer in your family?

Snoring can really ruin a family holiday, especially if you have to share a smaller space than usual like a tent, or you are all in one room. I caught Mr A snoring on our trip to Embers Bentley, where we shared a beautiful bell tent. Mind you, he said he caught me too, it must be something to do with airbeds, they seem to make me sleep on my back more than my side and Mr A finds it hard to sleep on his front as he usually does. Sleep is so important on holiday though, it’s a time to relax!

Family Camping with campfires at Embers Bentley, Lewes, Sussex

Family Camping with campfires at Embers Bentley, Lewes, Sussex

Mute can help to reduce that. Mute anti snoring devices come in different sizes and are small transparent rubbery devices that you wear inside the nose. Each one can be used up to 10 times and you can adjust the paddle to achieve the perfect fit in each nostril. We had fun trying them on, once you have read the instructions they are really easy to fit. No chance of them getting lost in your nose and they are comfy and discreet too.

Guess what I am packing next time we go travelling?

Mute anti snoring devices

Mute anti snoring devices

Find out more about Mute here, or watch a how to use video. You can buy Mute online at Boots.com and via Amazon on in store at Boots.

Thanks to Mute for collaborating on this post, lots of fun was had!



  1. babybudgeting
    21/07/2017 / 4:31 pm

    I love your video ..it’s so cute and you clearly adore each other

    • Penny Alexander
      25/07/2017 / 3:47 pm

      Aw, most the time 😉

  2. 21/07/2017 / 6:03 pm

    Bloke skills, love it! It was obvious you were both really struggling to come up with anything negative – I predict lifelong travels for you two!

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