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Early Morning Mist, Phone calls, and Mr A’s Photos

Continuing my last post, the one where I try and reclaim blogging a little and allow myself to ‘just write’, before I go skiing, here are some random but linked up thoughts from the week…

When we moved Mr A set up a dropbox folder so we could share pictures of our new home. It never ever looks the same on any one day up here on the edge of the Peak District, the skies are so dramatic and I love it. From sunrises that burst through the extension windows and make the room glow, to rolling mist, fog, snow, orange sunsets over the Staffordshire Moorlands, and everything in-between.

I shared one of his photos on Instagram and he’s rather pleased to see it beat mine for likes by a large number… I think the sheep played a role, they don’t seem to like me as much and run off when I come near. Perhaps they were hungry?

Recently I feel Mr A has been winning on the photo stakes. Firstly, I think because I’ve been struggling with SAD, sleeping too much, and not getting myself out there early enough, he is brilliant at getting out there with Max for a morning wander. He’s also been an absolute star, looking after the silly practical things I keep running out of energy for. Sometimes Winter just zaps me, but I’m turning a corner again.

I love to see his photos because he’s never been a big photo taker (and because it takes the pressure off me to take them). I love photography, even if I don’t often venture beyond auto, I love composing shots and it’s fun to share that joy with someone.

Secondly because, being a bloke, he always has his phone handy in his jean’s pocket whereas I tend to absent-mindedly leave mine lying around, and thirdly because he has an iPhone 7 which seems to really give even my posh camera a run for it’s money. I have an iPhone 6, Mr A looks at me strangely when I say I can’t be bothered to sort an upgrade out.

Why wouldn’t you want to get a new toy?!

Decision making can be hard.

Making phone calls here is a challenge. Our landline phones only work in part of the house, so I often have to leg it downstairs to answer the phone. My mobile doesn’t ring in the house at all. Texts work and I can make calls if I am near a window. I had a half hour phone meeting with my back pressed to the front door, and my notebook balanced on the toaster, which was handy for taking parcel deliveries, another fact of life since we moved, Ashbourne shops are lovely, but gifty, touristy and lacking in everyday clothes shops.

Anyway, back to his photos….

I love this rolling mist.

But this one is my favourite, light, composition and that amazing mist creating hazy layers.

Seeing these photos has convinced me to sort a new phone out, with a better camera, and to check I’m with the best provider for this area, and to get the best deal financially. This is exactly the kind of task I don’t have the energy for, and love to put off, but comparison sites make all that easier, so far I’ve tried TigerMobiles, and Whistleout to narrow it down to a few deals, and combined with this coverage checker by Ofcom for a map of coverage of network providers in the UK things are somewhat on the way.

I’m off skiing this weekend, regretting now not having sorted a new phone sooner, but do look out for my photos on Instagram and Facebook.

Hopefully, this post will have earned me enough brownie points for some new phone sorting handholding from Mr A on my return. So I can ask him questions like ‘how many Gb memory do I really need’ and ‘how do I back this blooming thing up again?’

He loves it when I do that. Not.

Collaborative post – all opinions my own.





  1. 14/12/2017 / 5:58 pm

    Your husband’s photos are stunning! It helps to live in such a pretty place too.

    I deffo recommend upgrading as soon as you can. I got my new phone recently and I can’t believe how amazing the camera is on it.

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