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Country Living: Salomon Womens Outline Mid GTX Walking Boot Review

Salomon Womens Outline Mid GTX Walking Boot Review

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I’ve been living in the Peak District for a year and a half now and I seem to have bought a lot of shoes and coats. My heels are still in the box they moved house in, but I now have clogs for pottering in the garden, toasty boots for morning dog walks and wellies for walking through the fields with the dogs. I have whittled it down to one posh coat and a lot of waterproofs, but I am constantly on the hunt for the best anorak.

Simply Hike sent me some Salomon Womens Outline Mid GTX Walking Boots to review. It was time for a new pair, as I had absolutely exhausted my favourite old pair while training and completing the Leaden Boot Challenge this May – 26.2 miles in 12 hours, with 5800ft of ascent and descent, a stunning route around some of the prettiest hills and valleys in the Peak District.

My Dad was horrified at my little toe nail situation after the Leaden Boot – I lost both of them – and he insisted I invest in some better boots. I loved the old pair I had, they were so light and waterproof but the insides were worn and the grip and ankle support was poor.

As a runner I am good at replacing running shoes, I know the warning signs, sore shins and feeling like it’s suddenly a lot more effort. It hadn’t occurred to me to to do the same for hiking boots.

So step in a new pair. Firstly I love how light they are, they weigh only 350g which is pretty impressive. Perfect for hiking itself, but also great for fitting in a rucksack or weekend bag.

As a runner as well as a walker I like the resemblance to trainers. I think they will look really good with running leggings too, which I like to wear for tougher hikes.

They have quite a cool and sleek trainer design too, and excellent ankle support. I really noticed the difference and can see why my Leaden Boot buddies were much more confident and nimble on the muddy downhills than I was.

As well as guaranteeing great traction, they are also guaranteed waterproof. I didn’t believe this at first, because the minute the muddy water hit, my toes felt cold, but my feet remained completely dry. Its a weird feeling Gor-Tex…

Gore-Tex® is a highly breathable, fully waterproof and windproof membrane with microscopic pores about 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water but 700 times larger than a water vapour molecule. This prevents water from penetrating while allowing vapour to escape.

The Gore-Tex mesh panels allow your feet to breath, perfect for warmer days, but also great for long hikes where your feet soon get toasty. I would probably wear some warm hiking socks with these in Winter though, just to keep the draught off my toes.

I feel like I have only just dipped my toe into walking in the Peak District, but as Mr A keeps reminding me, we have time to do all the walks, this is a long term thing! I’m looking forward to writing up a few more walks I have squirrelled away in my mind and in my phone.

Photos taken on Max’s 5th gotcha day; 5 years since we adopted him from Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust. Who’d of thought I would become such a dog person, or that we would move to the country together. He’s happy anywhere there’s food and a sofa though. Luna is still a lunatic, she’s still afraid of a lot of things having missed out on early socialisation in the pound in Sarajevo, but we’re hoping as she gets older, and with lots of love and patience the world will become less scary.


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