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Top Tips to Create an Impressive Family Holiday Photo Slideshow

Old Fashioned Family Fun on the Yorkshire Coast

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Are you just back from a family holiday and want to take all those photos that you snapped and create an impressive photo slideshow out of them? While it is easy enough to create the slideshow, making it impressive can be trickier.

If you want your slideshow to really stand out, capture the emotion from your family holiday and give people a glimpse into how fun it was – there are a few tips here that might make it easier:

  • Only use the best photos

The first thing you should do as you go over your photos is discard any that aren’t up to par. An impressive slideshow starts with impressive photos – so leave out the ones that are poor quality.

All is not lost if that sunset is too dark or someone random photobombed your family shot, some photos may be able to be salvaged with a few touch ups, crops or edits. Cropping, upping exposure and raising temperature can make a world of difference to your photos.

  • Make sure all the photos are uniform

All the photos that you use should be uniform – meaning they have the same size, aspect ratio and orientation. A photo slideshow that includes photos that are oriented differently or aren’t the same aspect ratio and so has black bars on their sides can look messy. Obviously it’s a tough call between keeping memories and creating a masterpiece, but if you know you will want a slideshow of your pics, try and take plenty of landscape photos.

You could of course try to crop and rotate some photos to make them uniform, but it doesn’t always work.

  • Decide on a story and choose photos that help you tell it

The best vacation slideshows don’t just display a random collection of the best photos. Instead, they tell viewers a story about the vacation by using the right photos to guide them through it.

For example you could start with a photo of your family departing then one of you arriving at your destination. After that you could move on to the accomodation and the activities you got up to, and then draw it to a close with a group shot as you left to come back home.

It’s lovely to have a story to look back on as a family and once you get into a routine of taking particular shots you’ll be grateful you have them to look back on – showing how kids grow and change year on year!

  • Keep the number of photos small and the slideshow short

Many family holiday photo slideshows suffer from one problem: they end up being just too long. Ideally you should try to keep your slideshow less than 2 minutes long, meaning that if you show each photo for 4 or 5 seconds you can afford to add 30 or 24 photos – at most. Just like an old fashioned reel of photograph film developed in the old days, for those that remember.

Be selective, and find not only the best photos – but the right photos that best capture the spirit and emotion of your trip.

  • Find background music with the right mood and pace

Adding background music to your slideshow is a great way to set the tone and pace. It is best to define the mood that you want your slideshow to have, and then find background music that suits it.

It may help to browse websites with royalty free music to get a sense of your options and find what you need.

The tips above should make it easier to create an impressive slideshow and set you on the right track. When you’re ready actually compiling the photo slideshow itself should be a piece of cake, and if you want a walkthrough on how to do it, you could use Movavi Slideshow Maker and follow the steps at http://www.movavi.com/support/how-to/how-to-create-photo-with-music.html.

A family holiday photo slideshow will be something lovely to look back at over the years. Once you’ve made one it’s easy to keep in mind the types of photos you want to have for your next slideshow and they’ll get better and better!


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