Lost Mother’s Club Little Legacy 34

I’ve put the linky back this week, the point of Little Legacy was to offer a space to reflect.  It’s Mother’s Day this weekend, I can think of people who might want to honour their mum’s little legacies.

No one really tells you how hard it is to be a parent.  I’ve found it pretty tough and many times I’ve wrongly assumed that was down to me.   Recently, Dad dispelled the myth that mum found it easy. I had always, as children do, presumed she was super-SAHM-woman.   As a parent I was so grateful for the news that it got her down too, as a daughter it’s made me so unbelievably appreciative of all those minutes, hours and days of love, patience and creativity that Mum showed me and my brother, especially when she was fed up and frustrated with being a SAHM.

Like my mum I taught until I had kids, and like my mum I am finding the process of trying to change career and return to work frustrating.  I realise I am in a very similar place to where my mum was, so little time, kids still so small, a husband who works away, about to move house, scrabbling about to find flexible childcare, all things conspiring against anything other than freelance bits and bobs and working from home. Working mums have of course told me how fabulous this sounds, but being at home all week, and finding the kind of writing work that doesn’t involve payment in peanuts, is driving me crackers.

I look at my mum and I think she carved out a great second, or arguably third, career as a playtherapist.  Like Mum I’ve kept sane as a SAHM studying, and reflecting on making the right change, something I’m grateful for. Mum made a real difference as a playtherapist and was well respected for what she did.  It gives me hope I am on the right path, and that I will overcome the obstacles in my way (probably with more nights out, gin, plus long shopping trips and walks to get me out of house).

Talking to Dad also made me appreciate my kids even more, and remember that ‘good enough’ parenting is the goal.  Happy Mother’s Day, our legacy as parents is really rather huge. Onwards and upwards.

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