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What books did your parents or grandparents pass down their love of? One of my all time favourites was brought to life for me last week.

I finally watched the BBC’s adaptation of The Borrowers on Mother’s Day.  Something in my subconscious wasn’t ready to face it over Christmas, it is the most influential book of my childhood, the one that ignited my love of reading and writing stories, and one of many that was handed down to me by my mum.

But I absolutely loved it, even if it was a lot more sexed up and action packed than I remember it. The boy is no longer packed off from India to recover from rheumatic fever at an aunt’s house, but living with his Gran in Hackney after the death of his mother. Another layer of resonance for me.  It was bittersweet, but it still seemed like the right thing to watch on Mother’s Day.

I loved the story, the passion of Arietty, the flirtation with Spiller, the wonderful fesityness of the Clock family. I love that it becomes a tale of coming of age, and that it reminds me so much of my family.   It hit me hard at the end, when Arietty’s parents gave her their blessing to go out into the world.  It reminded me that once I left home, I would always cry when I left my parents after visiting.  Even when I was headed back to the excitement of the big smoke with my very own Spiller. It reminded me too, that after all those years she’s not there any more to go back to.

I’m so grateful to my parents for their huge legacy of books, I might feature a few more as I try to carve out more reading time and less time phaffing online.

What books have you been handed down?  What books will be your little legacies?

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