What do the images in your home mean to you?

I read a list of decluttering tips that made me rather sad recently. It suggested going back to the Victorian trend of reserving photo frames in your home only for people who are dead. For me images in my home are about capturing life: adventures, moments, people and feelings you want to remember.

When I was asked to review a next day delivery canvas service from Your Image 2 Canvas, I immediately knew I wanted pictures that would remind me of our outdoor adventures. Pictures that would bring the outdoors inside and encourage us to continue to get out. I haven’t quite decided where to put them up yet as we are in the midst of a huge reorganisation, so I thought it was appropriate to photograph them outdoors.

I will never forget , at Just So festival, when Mr G emerged Jack Sparrow like from a rhodedendrum bush. Miss L fell in love with the beaches around Harlech, in Wales, just as I did as a child. The picture above is her on the magical Shell Island, collecting shells and dabbling in rock pools. Behind you can just see a lone caravan, which she likes to believe is ours, and I don’t like to spoil it by telling her it isn’t, ours wasn’t far away.

My cousin sent me this picture of Mum shortly after she died. It captures her smile beautifully and it reminds me of the journey I have been on since she died, rediscovering the love of outdoors and nature mum carefully planted in my imagination. Realising I’m not just an athiest, but an outdoorsist. There are pictures of mum around the house, but having a canvas felt like a bigger step, choosing one image wasn’t easy, but I feel like I can hang this on my office wall and talk to her daily.

My brother and his girlfriend and their beautiful boy feel so far away sometimes, even though it is only London. I haven’t managed to capture a decent shot of all three of them yet, but for now the family wall collection starts with this one. It was taken in the pub in London, and I love the sense of conversation between father and son. I still have to pinch myself to believe my little brother is a dad, this makes it concrete.

As you can see from the images above, each canvas reproduced beautifully. I knew this next one was a bit fuzzy, it was taken on my phone and was a little out of focus, but I was prepared to take the risk as it is such an important photo to me. Here is my Dad, on the armchair in the snug, reading books to his grandchildren, something he has always championed. I want to hang this over the chair.

With Father’s Day approaching a next day delivery canvas from Your Image 2 Canvas would make an excellent present. Ordering was easy and so quick. Although it did take me ages to decide which photos to go for! The canvasses arrived next day, which was incredible and were very carefully wrapped.  Prices start at £7.99 for a 7″x5″ canvas, the largest size I ordered was of the kids, 16″x20″ canvasses at £30.99 each.

The price, high quality and fast delivery would definitely encourage me to use Your Image 2 Canvas as a gift service or to add to our collection, as and when an inspiring image crops up. Mr A wants to replace all the Klimt canvasses we’ve got from Ikea, with pictures of our family, and yes I did get in huge trouble for failing to represent his side of the family. But in my defence, that’s our next project, plus, I think I did very well for £100, don’t you?



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