What makes a great value holiday?

Inspiring holiday quotes

Inspiring holiday quotes

What makes a great value holiday? I wrote a quick list and the answers were quite revealing. It made me realise the kind of holiday I am craving isn’t the kind I have had for a while…

1. One where all the family get a bit of what they want. From the kids being able to stay up late, to the adults being able to sleep in late.

2. One where you don’t have to pay out for added extras all the time. All inclusive… Bed AND breakfast….Free pool…free entertainment…

3. One where the weather is great, give or take a day.

4. One where there’s lots of space to just potter, without having to encounter a gift shop, merchandise or a machine that requires coins.

5. One where the wifi works where it says it does, comes free, or better still where wifi doesn’t exist at all.

6. Simple culinary pleasures…like chips on the beach as the sun sets. Ice lollies on the walk home from the beach.

7. A giant all you can eat buffet breakfast, snaffling a few rolls, fruit and pastries for a mid morning snack.

8. A bar that serves free bar snacks to tide you over until tea time.

9. A pool, a bottle of suncream, a cocktail, some trashy fiction and magazines (and a kids club).

10. New sights, sounds and places to explore all within easy reach.

Yeah, I am craving a package beach holiday in the SUN, no surprise after this never ending winter…What about you, what makes a great value holiday for you?


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  1. becky
    10/06/2013 / 9:15 pm

    Some lovely ideas here Penny!

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