Two tales of Legoland…30 years and 30 minutes #maddayout

That’s my Dad in Miniland at Legoland Windsor, Father’s Day 2013.

That’s my Dad in Miniland, Denmark c1984.

My photography skills improved a little, or maybe it’s just technology.

It meant a lot to take my Dad to Legoland, nearly 30 years on. To take my kids, just a little bit younger than I was when I went. To take a glimpse into my own childhood, to remember and be reminded how it felt to be a child and to see being a parent in a whole new light. 

To test out the driving school and hear my Dad tell that story about me driving on the wrong side of the road at Legoland Denmark and bursting into tears, but bursting with pride when I got my driving licence.

To pan for gold just as I remember doing, proudly bringing home a medallion, wondering, just wondering, could it be real gold?

To see places I’ve known and loved or read about in books, scenes everywhere, all made out of those little plastic bricks I love.

Lots has changed since 1984, we got to see the latest ideas Lego has to offer in the Chima 4D film. Mr G loved the Chima concept and the animals. He was also especially taken with Becky of Baby Budgeting’s son Frankie. Miss L loves Lego friends, and having thought back to how much I treasured the single maid in a sea of knights in my Lego castle set, yes I’ve been converted to the idea that sometimes girls might just play with Lego differently to boys, she was non plussed by Chima.

Appreciating all that Legoland had to offer together was pretty blooming special for me, look at their utterly captivated faces!

It wasn’t all smiles and reminiscing though. It wouldn’t be right for me as a parent blogger to visit Legoland Windsor, a national tourist attraction and not test it to it’s limits, right? In all honesty I thought I was off duty, apart from a few Instagrams, this wasn’t meant to be a review, it was meant to be a reward for being a MAD blog award finalist.

But my kids had other ideas, and one decided to test out the first aid and the other the lost child protocol, both at the same bloody time I might add.  L’s arm was accidentally stood on in the pirate adventure playground, but while my Dad kept pointing out she couldn’t move it and it might be broken, I was frantically trying to find G.

To cut the longest half an hour of my life short, we ended up in guest services, where we were reunited with G, and L’s arm was put in a sling. The staff were great, even though I burst into tears several times. Half an hour later Miss L gingerly moved her arm and decided she no longer needed the sling and Mr G, although he wouldn’t hold my hand, stuck much closer to my side for the rest of the day.  All’s well that ends well.

After this interlude we managed a boat trip, mini land and the amazing ATLANTIS submarines through an aquarium of sealife and a Lego Atlantis. We even watched a pirate themed water show.

And Dad whacked up 10000 points on the rather cool laser shooting Land of the Pharaohs ride.

Downsides? It did feel as if the constant snack, fairground and merchandise stalls distracted the kids from just enjoying the park and burnt a hole in the pocket. But I guess this is the way of the modern tourist attraction and you just have to prepare accordingly, whether that’s upping your budget or downsizing your kids’ expectations. It felt busy to me, although someone said it was quiet!

If money was no object, I would like to come back, with Mr A, and stay in the Legoland hotel and have a 2 day pass so we could do everything at a more leisurely pace. This costs around £350. The hotel with it’s beautiful themed rooms, gorgeous restaurant and fun pool, looked awesome. Sadly, we knew we wouldn’t have time to do the Legoland hotel justice as we were at a family party the night before, so opted for a cheaper but very comfy and cheerful Premier Inn.

Despite the utterly mad twenty minute interval, it was an absolutely blooming marvellous day out we will all treasure. Thanks Mads and Legoland Windsor and Dad for once again helping me through the mayhem my kids always seem to unleash on our days out together.

Disclosure –  this does not represent a review, merely an account of our day out. We had free tickets, watched Lego Chima 4D and received passes to take us to the front of the queues. We were alongside people using Q bots which you can hire, which seemed to be a great option for avoiding some of the queues.


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