Tragic flowers, digging borders and slug swoops

We managed to pull together a small posy of flowers to take to see Mr A’s Grandma yesterday (I know, how very vintage, for someone who constantly bemoans the vintage thing). But I am wishing we had more flowers in the garden. The white climbing rose bush is lovely and flowers all summer, but the peonies as always decided to flower in a thunderstorm and now lie in a tragic mess on the tiles. Poppies are springing up left right and centre, but just like the peonies are gone in a flash. I’m waiting for all the wild flowers I planted.

I’m living in fear of slugs devouring all my efforts in the garden. The garden has taken on a whole new significance to me this year, and I will be pretty devastated if my efforts are demolished in one slug like swoop. Mr A realises this, and keeps asking what I am doing about slugs. I was relying on luck and eggshells until a friend posted a picture of one about to attack a plant on facebook last week, at which point I reached for the slug pellets.

The swing seat Mr A bought makes us all very happy, but we could do with somewhere to eat. I was thinking about a picnic bench on the lawn, although if we could just extend the decking, I would really love this cube rattan garden furniture from Internet Gardener. I also fancy one of these wooden planters to stop an alcove in the decking becoming a dumping ground, and to disguise the window from the decking into the bathroom.

While we visited Great Grandma I spied a greenhouse in her neighbour’s garden, and I was instantly taken back to the sickly sweet smell of tomatoes in my Grandad’s greenhouse. I wanted a potting bench and a greenhouse.

Mum’s tomato sauce recipe and my Grandad in the greenhouse

We’ve dug a big trench, me and Mister G. I’m not sure what we are doing with it but it is the one garden job G really enjoys. Me wielding a spade, and him the hose to soften the ground. The idea was a border to disguise the concrete fence and soften the hedge side of the garden. Jen was telling me about roll out ready made borders you can buy, which sound like a really easy solution. Or Dad says we can transplant lots of the herbs and plants we have already. I’m also toying with the idea of just planting lots of wildflowers.

So that’s a little update from us. How’s your garden growing?

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