Popcorn Balls

Popcorn-Balls-make-a-great-snack-while-watching-your-favourite-filmsThere is nothing better than snuggling up to watch your favourite films with these popcorn balls, so very moreish and much more exciting than popcorn alone. They can be themed for different occasions, from choc and nut for grown ups, to green, sweet bejewelled balls for kids or children’s parties. We tried them plain and simple At Emily from A Mummy Too‘s house a few months ago, and were hooked, we spotted this a recipe on the Cake Boss website, we had to have a go, and decided to add some delicious variations of our own.


You will need 50g butter, 20 large marshmallows or 2 cups, 10 cups popcorn (if you don’t have an official American cup then think teacup size), half a cup of salted peanuts and half a cup of chocolate chips.

We used chopped up haribo (because someone ate all the jelly tots I bought) and put food colouring in the green ones. Pink marshmallows give a pink tint.



Here’s what you do! Leave them to set a while  – they are really moreish, but taste best when set.



Add sweeties instead of nuts and chocolate.

Add raisins.

Dunk half the ball in melted chocolate and leave to dry on greaseproof paper.

Add cranberries, white chocolate and pistachios and dip into white chocolate for a winter ‘snowball’.

Play with food colouring in the marshmallow mix. Add green for Halloween slime balls. The Cake Boss recipe adds Candy Corn, an American Halloween sweet, which you can order online.




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