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Best backpack for family days out – Lowe Alpine Helix Daysack

Family Travel Hacks the Day Out Rucksack

I never really quite managed to hack the baby bag, but I reckon I am pretty good at the day out rucksack – perhaps it is because it feels like more of an adventure than packing nappies ever did. I have found a new favourite rucksack, the best backpack for family days out.

Best backpack for family days out

Travel Outdoors originally invited me to review a rucksack and I immediately liked the look of the Lowe Alpine Helix DaySack. Together we came up with some great family friendly travel products that fit in it. I love Lowe Alpine bags, there are loads of great designs to choose from, and they last really well, my camera bag is also Lowe Alpine and we even bought a second rucksack for Mr A as I didn’t want to share this one.

The other great thing is Vango stuff sacks, I am using this small red one to keep all the bits and pieces together so I can move things from bag to bag if I need to. They are also great for packing up a spare bag of clothes, my son always gets wet or mucky somehow, wherever we go. They can also help with holiday packing – whatever you put in them, it reduces the size.

Use a Stuff sack to move kids' essentials between rucksack, handbag, beach bag

So what makes this best backpack for family days out?

The rucksack has a front pocket, which is perfect for maps, novels or guide books. The two side pockets make water readily accessible and keep bottles out the main section. You can fix up a hydration sack inside the bag, if you are doing serious walking.


I really like the top pocket, it is perfect for keeping my purse, keys and phone safe without having to rummage at the bottom of the bag, I also especially like the orange key clip, you always know where your keys are. The bird whistle is my keyring, a handy thing to have in emergencies so I mention it here.

The only missing feature is a phone pocket, but I keep a phone case in there to stop my phone getting scratched by my keys when it isn’t in my pocket.

Now for great ideas for things to put in the bag, most of which are available from Travel Outdoors

Pack Light

Kids’ ponchos

You can guarantee you will carry the kids’ bulky raincoats all summer and the one time it rains enough to need one, you haven’t got them. These ponchos are so light you can keep them always in the bag, and hopefully forget about them all summer long!  Great for festivals and theme parks too.

First Aid Kit

When Mr G split his head open at the park it really made me realise how useful a simple first aid kit is. Someone had to run off and buy me a swab and bandage so I could get him to hospital. Fine if you are in a public place, not so great if there is no one else about. We have a larger kit which we took with us walking in the Lakes, but this small kit is great for days out. Plasters are always handy and often make the difference between carrying on a walk and giving up because of a rubbing sandal.

Travel towel

If you are heading to anywhere with a glimmer of hope you might swim, splash or paddle travel towels are amazing. They are so light and compact, but they work. They are also perfect as a picnic rug or to keep your suitcase weight down when you pack for holidays. Miss L loved the zebra print towel and tested it out on her school trip – she said it was great for the beach!

Water bottle with filter

Water to Go bottles have inbuilt replaceable filters, so are a great way to get filtered water on the go. Great if the water tastes different on holidays or days out.


My kids loved this little pack of crocodile themed Pyramid Suncare Essentials. The suncream gel was a particular hit, and could I find the SPF lip balm anywhere when I came to take this? No Miss L had snuck it in her bag to take on the school trip to Skegness. I like to buy small day out size suncream bottles to squirrel safely in my bags for the summer so we are always prepared.


Almonds are my lightweight snack of choice, they take up so little room but seem to fill everyone up. I was given this tin, but when I see little tins in souvenir shops I snap them up.

Tissues and handy packs of wipes, and hand sanitiser

All are are great for clean ups. Although I am anti over liberal use of hand sanitiser around kids, as they need to pick up some germs, there are some situations like festivals, where it is really ‘handy’.

Mum things

I have a small zipped make up bag with my own essentials like paracetamol and lip balm that I can easily grab and move between bags.

The Lowe Alpine Helix Daysack is really comfortable, it has lots of padding in the back and straps and is designed to keep your back cool. It is spacious and the long zips make it easy to get to the bottom of. Well designed pockets too.

It is a really versatile bag, I also used this bag for a night away at a conference, it looks smart and has a padded space for your tablet or laptop. Mr A had been trying to steal it from me, so I bought him his own, it’s really is a great unisex, multi purpose rucksack. Lots more to choose from here.

Lowe Alpine Bag

This post contains affiliate links, I use these only for products I have used and would recommend to friends.



  1. Meredith Schwartz
    05/08/2015 / 3:53 pm

    The backpack is really nice and it looks very comfy to carry around. I love wearing a backpack when traveling so I can move freely and carry no bags with my hands. I love the list of things to take when going on a trip. I agree that everything is very useful! Thanks for sharing! Thumbs up for the post!

  2. 12/01/2017 / 9:45 am

    I am a frequent flyer and I do travel a lot. Usually, I need a high capacity backpack for clothes and accessories.
    If it comes in lightgreen and good design, it will be awesome. Do you have any good recommendation on this?
    Thanks for your tips and please keep it up.

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