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8 types of family bonding holiday that are a little different

Family camping holiday

Family holidays are a great opportunity to make life-long memories and bond with those closest to us. After all, even though families come in all shapes and sizes, they all have one thing in common – they benefit from quality time together. In fact, family holidays can make children happier and smarter.

But it’s quality of time, not quantity, that counts. It might be a cliché – but it’s true. To help your family bond, we’ve come up with eight suggestions for your next holiday. Check them out:


Why not make your hiking holiday extra special by camping? Camping holidays are a family favourite – for good reason. They’re cost-effective, meaning you can get away for longer, and you can go camping in pretty much every country. To make your next holiday a bit different, why not try somewhere unexpected?

The Isle of Arran in Scotland, Miyajima in Japan, Boya Lake Provincial Park in Canada and Flamenco Beach in Puerto Rico are all amongst the 25 best places to go camping around the world.


Okay, camping isn’t for every family. But glamping should be. It’s a camping experience with all the modern day luxuries you would want. Forget about camping on the floor in a cold, leaking tent – glamping is as good as staying in most hotels.

It’s the best of both worlds, because you get the great outdoors and the huddle around a campfire, but you’ll eat well and get a better night’s sleep than traditional camping. We loved Somerset Yurts when we visited. What better way to keep the family happy?

Family Hiking Holiday


The great outdoors does wonders for everyone’s health and well-being. You’ll have to rely on one another to share the load and can explore at a pace that suits everyone.

What’s more, you can pick a destination to suit the family’s tastes, the Lake District is a great place to start. For example, the Routeburn Track in New Zealand is recommended for Lord of the Ring’s fans. It winds its way through the country’s Southern alps, taking in some breath-taking views.


Volunteering can increase happiness, decrease depression and help you live longer. Everyone in your family can gain from such benefits – it’s a great way to spend meaningful time together, and make a real difference to other peoples’ lives. Choose a cause close to everyone’s hearts, but check out the set up carefully as in some countries, and in orphanages especially, voluntourism can cause more issues than it solves.

Family Yoga Holiday

A yoga break

When you think of yoga retreats, you might not immediately think of it as an opportunity for family bonding. But if your children are a bit older, the benefits of a yoga retreat are plenty – plus, it’s not all about yoga. Most retreats are set in beautiful locations, so there’s the opportunity to go on hikes, swim in natural pools, or get on your bikes. You can find 10 family-friendly yoga vacations here.


A safari is something people of all ages will enjoy. Seeing amazing wildlife in their natural habitat is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Your family will be talking about it for years to come.

City break 

The idea of a city break with small children might be enough to get you in a nervous sweat – but taking your family into the hustle and bustle of a city is a great way to spend time together. You can take turns planning a day out, so everyone gets the chance to do their favourite thing.

After being on your feet all day, everyone will get a good night’s rest. The Telegraph suggests London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Salzburg amongst the best cities in Europe for families.


Last but not least, consider finding somewhere close to home and getting out of your usual routine for a few days. This is a great option if you’re short of time, as you’ll still get quality family time but without having to travel far.

Cook together, go on long walks, have movie nights – basically do all the things you wish you had more time to do in your normal daily lives.


Where do you spend your family holidays? Which of these are on your bucket list? Please share your recommendations!


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Looking for a family holiday that brings your family closer? Check out some of these family trip ideas

This post is a collaboration with Emily Ross and may contain affiliate links, thanks for sharing these brilliant ideas with parentshaped.

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