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Who is your ideal travelling companion?

what kind of traveller are you?

The more I travel the more I ponder the kind of traveller I am, and try and learn more about myself and the people around me. Today I thought I would share some fun tools for reflecting on your travelling type and ideal travelling companion…

I love this Conde Nast list of traveller types, I think I have a bit of the pilgrim, of the literary and historical type, rather than the religious. I loved visiting Roald Dahl’s village and museum in Buckinghamshire and Wordsworth’s home in the Lake District, I’m  thrilled by UNESCO sites like the temples in Malta. Being a blogger means there is definitely some collector in me too.

Myers Briggs personality profiling taught me lots about holidaying with Mr A. We approach things differently and I’ve learnt to see the huge benefits in this. It took a long time for me to accept that other people approach holidays very differently to me though. If you’ve never done the profiling, you can do simplified versions of the official test online for free and they are usually really revealing – get your travel companion to do one too!

I don’t want to admit to believing in them, but I have been surprised in the past by how much my star sign seems to reveal about my travelling style. I was born on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini, so according this article my Taurean side craves the natural world and prefers not to stray too far from the unknown, most definitely true of me. My Gemini curiosity means I quickly get restless and need lots of stimulation, this rings spookily true also; I will go mad in a resort and I am the first to ransack the leaflet stash for day our ideas when we stay in a cottage.

I love travelling with Scorpio Mr A, and since we became parents much of that is due to his unflappability and independence when travelling – both Scorpion traits. He’s never fazed by not speaking the language, driving on the other side of the road, air con or central heating systems. He can book a decent hotel in minutes, while I will spend hours researching options only to choose a dodgy one anyway. There is a scorpion like sting in his tail if he gets overtired or over scheduled though.

Next I had a quick look at my Chinese sign via this horoscope from HomeAway. I’m a snake ‘smart, elegant, and creative’ so Mykonos, Vienna, Prague, or Florence are suggested. Greece and Italy are the countries I have most visited, so far so good. This rings very true also: snakes ‘prefer researching their holiday destination rather than going off on a blind adventure.’

I’ve written before about how I loved to plan my holidays, until I married Mr Spontaneous. It turns out he is a Tiger which is where these horoscopes get spookily accurate because: ‘Tigers don’t like planning holidays in advance, they prefer to follow their instinct or they can improvise along the way.’

I think I have learnt to relish adventuring with a Tiger, and have since gained a Dog and a Rat too. None of them are my ideal travel companions according to the Chinese horoscope, but at least when I understand their travel type I can work better with them.

The description of the Dog, my daughter’s sign was spookily accurate, more interested in family and familiarity – she is the child who always, always wants to return to Greece (girl after my snake heart) – and adores theme parks, we all absolutely loved Universal Orlando, but her preoccupation for rollercoasters comes from another realm. My son falls under the Rat sign, defintely keen for new adventures with masses of curiosity to satisfy.

Hope you have fun looking at these tools! Do tell me, do they ring true for you? Also, what tools do you use to help you understand your travelling companions?

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Fun tools to help you discover your ideal traveling companion

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