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Postcard Reviews of Timber Festival 2018 – the family festival in and about the forest

We were really sad to have to be grown ups and cancel our plans to review Timber Festival as ‘Timber Pioneers’. Timber is a joint venture between the National Forest Company and Wild Rumpus, who came together to create an international festival exploring the transformative impact of forests. It was located in the National Forest, on the Leicestershire/Derbyshire border. So up our street – or patch of woodland -and only an hour from us here at the edge of the Peak District.

Unfortunately our vintage static caravan is SO close to joining our barn on Airbnb, but as always, things overrun slightly and so we decided we had no choice but to be sensible, and stay at home and take the weekend to get ahead.

It was the right thing to do, but as I slogged in the sun painting and doing tip runs and my phone buzzed with messages from friends who were at Timber with their families, I felt some serious pangs of regret and jealousy. It just looked so so good, and chilled out – exactly what I need right now!

I don’t like letting people down when I have committed to something, so I asked my friends to send me a ‘digital postcard’ from Timber, so I could share some insights and their reviews here. I got the impression it was really lovely and relaxed place to be – exactly what you need for a family festival. We went to Wild Rumpus’ Just So festival years ago and loved it, you won’t find anything quite so mesmerising and unique.

My Gorgeous Boys – We had an epic time at Timber festival

Hi Penny and gang!

Hope you are all well!

Had an epic time at Timber festival at the weekend! Everything was so lovely – clean loos and showers with hot water, an abundance of sunshine, great music, intelligent talk, silly storytelling, woodland craftts and delicious food- all within the beautiful forest setting. I joined Greenpeace to help save the amazon rainforests and the polar bears in the arctic and of course England won the football!! All that was missing was you guys!!!

See you soon Louise, from My Gorgeous Boys xxxxx

Mini Travellers – Timber Festival we absolutely LOVED you!


Hello Parentshaped!

Timber Festival was a lot of fun and has set the bar pretty high for our Summer of family friendly festival fun with Deer Shed, Camp Bestival and Just So to follow! If you’re looking for a festival with a very relaxed vibe, a festival that truly is family friendly and one where you will feel instantly relaxed then Timber is your festival. If you’re looking for Mr Tumble, neon lights and famous bands then you’ll need to head elsewhere. Timber Festival we absolutely LOVED you!

Love Mini Travellers

Find out all about Timber over at Mini Travellers


Zena’s Suitcase – It’s so relaxed and chilled out.

Hello Penny

You would literally love Timber Festival as it’s so relaxed and chilled out. There was so much to do, but this made the whole experience really personal as we could focus on the things we thought the kids would love.  We can honestly say we connected to nature a whole lot more with the help of Timber, getting stuck in with things like bug hunting and seeing the world through the eyes of a dragonfly.  My favourite part of all was the Museum of the Moon, it was like someone had grabbed it from the sky and hung it in the trees so we could get a closer look at it, it was so mesmerising!

Hopefully we will see you there next year!

Zena, from Zena’s Suitcase

Read Zena’s Timber festival review

Katy from Otis and Us – a wonderful family friendly festival with an incredibly laid back vibe

Hello lovely friend,

Our Verdict!

Timber surpassed my expectations. It was a wonderful family friendly festival with an incredibly laid back vibe. The festival successfully weaved music, art, philosophy and sustainability together to create a fabulous event. I would say it  was a thought-provoking, creative and well thought out event. We made lots of wonderful, happy memories with our little tribe and our friends, and I now can’t wait for next year.

Timber Festival – Thank you for inviting us – see you next year 🙂

Love Otis & Us


Read the full Otis and Us Timber festival review.

We’re Going on an Adventure Blog – Timber Festival absolutely nailed their first year

Hello Penny!

The festival was spread out over eleven different areas with a whole range of workshops, activities, performances and installations – the festival programme makes it really easy to pick and choose which things you want to do and in our experience things ran to time pretty well. Campfire stories with Ian Douglas are always a highlight for us at Just So Festival and as such this was a “must do” for our gang at Timber Festival.

I’m not ashamed to admit that we visited Burrito Boys three times over the course of the weekend – the service was a bit slapdash but the food was delicious.  I must also give a special mention to the Mojitio sorbet from Shepherds Ice Cream – I’ve honestly never tasted anything like it!

Looking back through the programme now I realise we missed so much! Timber Festival absolutely nailed their first year in my opinion – they did exactly what they said they would and if sustainability, mindfulness and the outdoors are your bag then pop on over to www.timberfestival.org.uk to sign up for news and updates ahead of next year’s festival!

Love Colette


Read Colette’s full review of Timber.


I feel like we really missed a trick. Next year! Who’s coming?



  1. 19/07/2018 / 8:15 am

    You really would have loved it and we missed you! X

  2. 03/08/2018 / 12:23 am

    Awww, what a lovely way to have been a part of it! I love the idea of “digital postcards” and loved reading them!! We also LOVED Timber Festival and are hoping to be there again next year!

  3. 03/08/2018 / 2:49 am

    Such a great festival to take the whole family to!

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