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Car Travel Safety: Travall Guards aren’t just for dog owners

Travall Guards for Dog Owners

Max the greyhound could never clamber over the backseat of the car, but our newest addition Luna can. If I leave her in the car while I pick the kids up from school she will be sat on the front seat, tail wagging waiting for everyone.

It’s very sweet to see her sat in the front seat watching the world go by but it’s not very safe for her, Max or car passengers. I worry about stopping suddenly and two 30 kilo dogs flying over the backseats and injuring themselves or the kids. I also worry about getting distracted by the dogs while I am driving.

Travall offered us a guard to review which was perfectly timed as we’d taken in Luna and upgraded my car.

Travall guards for cargo safety

Dog guards aren’t just for dog owners though. They are also perfect if you worry about securing items in the boot and want to ensure they don’t hit passengers in an emergency. Thousands of people get injured like this every year. When you’re busy things get flung in and out the boot, just in the last week my boot has been filled with shopping, a travel cot, 10 kilos of compost, wine bottles.

Then just think about the other everyday objects we routinely keep in the boot, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, jump starters, wellies, shovels…

Tailor made but good value Travel Guards

The Travall guard was cheaper than getting one direct from the dealer, I checked. But they are still bespoke and quality is much better than you would get with a one size fits all job.

Each Travall guard is tailor-made to fit specific models of car, so as long as you know you car make and model and year you are good to order your guard online. They are made from precision welded steel, with a grey scratch resistant coating. They come with a lifetime guarantee – a reflection of their quality.

Fitting a Travel Guard

The website says you can have your guard in place in 15 minutes. Mr A certainly could, but I have never had much patience for flat packs or spacial puzzles so firstly managed to screw a part in the wrong way and secondly convinced myself it was the wrong gate and didn’t fit our boot.

In my defence, they are very snug fitting and you need to take the back seats down to get them in not try and insert it via the boot itself. It probably also helps if you make video games for a living; Mr A gave me a very strange look when I said it was completely the wrong one and needed to go back. I refrained from locking him in my newly gated car boot.

Anyway he had it fitted in 5  minutes and it took me 10 minutes to put it together, so 15 minutes is probably very fair.

I have had to take it in and out a couple of times to put timber in I’ve collected from the wood yard for our joiner. It’s been no problem now I know how, a quick job.

Travall also make boot dividers, if you are looking to split the boot between dog and shopping or luggage for example, or give two dogs their own space. You can see the full Travall range here.

Thanks to Travall Guard for the opportunity to review this, and for making our car a safer place.

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  1. 16/07/2018 / 8:07 pm

    We have a Travall dog guard/divider for our car. It’s fantastic, we’ve had it for 6 years now and it’s been great x

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